About Us

The only authentic vegetarian bakery in the country


Established in 2018.

We are women owned business. Our owner Geeta has started this hobby as she was passionate about vegetarian bakery goods. Being vegetarian herself she was always looking for vegetarian bakery goods for her family. Her passion to baking has brought her hobby into full size bakery now. Our products taste much better than other bakery products which has eggs in them. Our products are liked by everyone equally.

Meet the Chef and Business Owner

Just like many other Indians in bayarea community I also started my career in IT and worked as web developer for many years. But my passion for baking has always been there. After my 2nd kid when I took the break thats when this passion for baking has taken to the next level and started serving to the community. I am self taught Baker and get inspired by people who enjoy eggless bakery products. I love to create special products in my eggless bakery. I would like to make vegetarian and vegan bakery products as easily available to the community as possible.